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Why a Shrinking Workforce Doesn’t Assure Stagnation

By Fisher Investments UK, Citywire, 07/01/2020

Much of the academic literature we have reviewed posits demographics determine long-term economic growth. Rising populations mean more demand for just about everything: food, housing, clothing, energy, medical care, services—you name it. It also means a rising workforce, providing the ability to meet that demand.

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A Primer on Yield Curves: What They Are and How They Affect You

By Fisher Investments UK, Citywire, 02/07/2019

The yield curve charts a country’s interest rates across all loan maturities—from short-term rates set by the central bank to long-term government bond rates traded in the marketplace. It is widely thought to be a reliable leading economic indicator. Here we explain why we think the yield curve works and how we interpret today’s yield curves. 

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Eurozone Sentiment Underrates Reality

By Fisher Investments UK, Citywire, 13/06/2019

In our view, markets move most on the gap between reality and folks’ emotions or expectations about reality—sentiment, broadly. Today, we think quantitative and qualitative measures of sentiment suggest investors are increasingly dour about the eurozone’s prospects.

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Spring Showers Bring May Myths

By Fisher Investments UK, Citywire, 09/05/2019

Spring has sprung! And with the warmer temperatures, sunnier days and budding flowers we expect another yearly regularity to hit soon: financial media’s warnings you should exit equities before the annual summer doldrums hit markets – to sell, that is, in May.

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How Compound Growth Works

By Fisher Investments UK, Citywire, 25/04/2019

Legend has it Albert Einstein called compound growth the eighth wonder of the world—“the most powerful force in the universe.” However, you don’t need to be a genius to understand how compounding works.

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European Populism Probably Doesn’t Threaten Markets

By Fisher Investments UK, Citywire, 19/03/2019

In early February, Italian Co-Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio met with France’s Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) protestors. The leader of the populist Five Star Movement (M5S) thus triggered a diplomatic row, with French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron recalling his ambassador from Italy.

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