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First published in 1828, The Spectator is one of the most influential weekly publications in the English language. Alongside political and lifestyle articles, the publication aims to offer "smart ideas for smart investors."

Fisher Investments UK provides market insight and information for investors, and is proud to do so in partnership with The Spectator.

Average Returns Aren’t Normal

By Fisher Investments UK, The Spectator, 27/11/2019

When Fisher Investments UK looks back through history, we note many Ponzi schemes and investing scams have this in common:

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Risks Aren’t Only for Equities

By Fisher Investments UK, The Spectator, 12/10/2018

In our experience, we find many investors approach choosing securities based on odd criteria—like perceptions of safety from risk.

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Brexit fears create a bullish backdrop for the UK

By Fisher Investments UK, The Spectator, 22/05/2018

Nearly two years ago, the UK’s vote to leave the EU shook sentiment globally. In our coverage of UK media, we found many economists forecasting that Brexit would have major implications, including…

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Nine Years a Bull

By Fisher Investments UK, The Spectator, 03/04/2018

On 6 March, global equity markets marked the nine-year anniversary of the global financial crisis’s end and the beginning of…

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