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Fisher Investments UK on the growing concerns surrounding Le Digitax

By Fisher Investments UK, The Telegraph, 06/12/2019

For years, one question has apparently flummoxed European leaders: How can they adjust tax policy to get revenue from companies who sell digital services in their countries but don’t have physical presences there - and therefore aren’t subject to local taxation?

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Populists pancake politics at the EU level too

By Fisher Investments UK, The Telegraph, 16/09/2019

Prior to May’s vote, financial pundits we follow commonly theorised populist and/or eurosceptic parties would take May’s European Parliamentary (EP) elections by storm, stoking instability and bringing market-roiling change.

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Putting sovereign debt into perspective

By Fisher Investments UK, The Telegraph, 15/07/2019

In our surveys of financial publications, many articles fret debt. It is part and parcel of the Western conscience and is perhaps even more acute presently in the eurozone, tied to its 2010 – 2012 sovereign debt crisis.

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Debunking budget deficits myths

By Fisher Investments UK, The Telegraph, 08/07/2019

In early May, the European Commission slashed Germany’s growth estimates for 2019, leading to reports its fiscally stalwart government would be forced to abandon its balanced budget. 

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Will populism plague EU parliamentary elections?

By Fisher Investments UK, The Telegraph, 26/04/2019

This May, EU voters head to the polls in European parliamentary elections. These elections occur every five years, usually to relatively little fanfare. However, this year’s may prove more exciting.

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An investor’s guide to the Spanish elections

By Fisher Investments UK, The Telegraph, 29/03/2019

Any uncertainty should abate fast, and in our view the results are likely to extend the status quo – political gridlock – which is a positive for equity markets

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