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Fisher Investments UK offers the investment management services of its parent company, Fisher Investments—a privately owned, US-based investment adviser. For over 40 years, Fisher Investments has helped individuals and families achieve their financial goals by always putting their best interests first.

Structure and Values That Ensure Your Best Interests Are Always First

Since our founding, we’ve built a firm that’s uniquely structured in our industry to always put your best interests first and help you achieve your investment goals.

  • Personalised Service
  • Tailored Portfolios
  • Disciplined, Active Strategy
  • Performance History
  • Simple, Transparent Fee Structure
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Personalised Service

As a client, you get proactive service from your Investment Counsellor, who is committed to understanding you and keeping your financial plan on track. Want to know how your portfolio is doing and why? Just call your Investment Counsellor.

And your Investment Counsellor will keep in touch in all market conditions to help you stick to your long-term plan.

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Tailored Portfolios

We respect how hard you’ve worked to build your nest egg. Before we recommend anything, we ask about your goals, your expenses, your health, your family commitments and more—to better understand what you need your money to accomplish.

The result is a personalised portfolio designed to meet your needs and help you enjoy the retirement you’ve earned.

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Disciplined, Active Strategy

We believe the best way to discover investment opportunities and achieve long-term results is through active portfolio management centred on your long-term goals. This disciplined, top-down approach allows us to interpret information differently and find global investing opportunities other money managers may overlook.

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Performance History

Fisher Investments’ Investment Policy Committee has over 150 combined years of industry experience and Fisher Investments’ US Private Client Group has a 25+ year performance history.

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Simple, Transparent Fee Structure

We charge a simple initial funding fee and an ongoing annual management fee based on the value of the assets managed for you. Unlike many brokers and IFAs, we do not earn trading commissions. This fee structure helps align our incentives with your best interests.

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Clients Enjoy Unique Insights & Personal Service

You deserve to know what we're doing with your money. That's why you will receive a personal point of contact—your Investment Counsellor—committed to you on a personal level and keeping your financial plan on track.

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How Fisher Investments Tailors a Portfolio for Each Client

We respect how hard you worked to build your nest egg and, before we recommend anything, we get to know you. To better understand what you need your money to accomplish, we ask questions about your goals and needs, your expenses, your health, your family commitments and more.

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