Annuity Insights

Some investors choose annuities in an effort to avoid risk. They may be attracted to “guaranteed withdrawals” or “minimum returns” that seem to take the risk out of investing.

In reality, annuities are complex investment vehicles that don’t always provide the simple “safety net” they often promise. They typically have high costs, complex restrictions and other risks that could offset the potential benefits. While annuities may not seem risky at first glance, they may not be the best way to limit the risk of losing money.

In this free guide, we’ll cover nine questions you should ask to help determine if annuities should be a part of your investment strategy, including:

  • What types of expenses does the annuity have and what is the overall cost?
  • What conditions must I meet to take advantage of the advertised benefits?
  • Will I be charged a fee if I withdraw assets from my annuity early?
  • How can performance “floors” and “caps” affect my returns?
  • And more…

Fisher Investments created Annuity Insights to help annuity owners and those considering annuities better understand this complex investment. We do not sell annuities—our aim is to provide you an insightful view of these products.