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Fisher Investments' Founder Ken Fisher Explains How to Position Your Portfolio for a Rebound

Fisher Investments’ founder, Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer Ken Fisher discusses portfolio positioning coming out of a market correction. Ken believes the downward volatility stocks have experienced this year is characteristic of an elongated correction, not an extended bear market. Ken has an idea on how to take advantage of this. He talks about investing in categories that generally underperform through a downturn because in corrections, or at the end of a bear markets, they tend to bounce most when the market rebounds.

This year, for example, Technology stocks suffered disproportionately on days when the market was down, yet outperformed on up days. According to Ken, this means Technology, and similarly, growth stocks, have the potential to outperform during the recovery. Ken also discusses reducing exposure to categories that outperformed through the downturn—such as value and defensive stocks—as they are more likely to underperform as the market recovers.

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