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Going to Work Every Day At Fisher Is Meaningful

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We do things differently than other investment firms—not just to be different, but because it makes a difference for our clients.

We designed our entire business to minimize conflicts of interest. We have a strong division of labor between our sales and service roles, allowing employees in each role to focus on their strengths. At Fisher, our client service is wholly focused on providing superior service, not additional sales.

Video Transcript



Upbeat music plays.

The music lowers in volume.

Carrianne Coffey (off-screen): Going to work every day at Fisher is meaningful.

A woman, in a maroon sports jacket, approaches the camera.

Carrianne Coffey: We are super focused on our clients and improving the investment universe.

Carrianne Coffey talks to an unseen person off-camera.

An on-screen graphic identifies her as:

Carrianne – 19 years at Fisher Investments.


Carrianne Coffey (off-screen): When I started at Fisher, I was an Investment Counselor and…

Montage of Fisher Creek Campus at Camas, Washington.

Carrianne Coffey (continues): …I still get emails from my clients to this day. I love hearing from them. I certainly have built…

Carrianne reappears on-screen.

The camera remains focused on her, occasionally changing angle.

Carrianne Coffey (continues off-screen): …a lot of special relationships with my client base. This culture fosters…

Montage of Carrianne interacting with a variety of different Fisher Investments employees.

Carrianne Coffey (continues):…an environment where if you do well and you work hard you can build your career here, and each step of the way I’ve been kind of pushed a little bit further than I thought I was ready for. I think that speaks a lot to the culture. I came out to Ken when I was 24 years old, which was before I came out to my parents, because I felt safe. So, when I was second-guessing my life, and coming out of the closet, and I had that support from him—I can’t explain the impact it had on my life, but it gave me a lot of confidence at work which gave me the confidence to be who I am. It’s challenging but it’s wonderful. We have an opportunity to talk about things that are important. I’m very privileged to lead the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force because it’s really who I am at home and who I am at work—and there’s no disconnect and that makes it kind of special.

I am Fisher Investments.

Carrianne reappears on-screen.

The camera cuts back and forth between the interview and shots of Carrianne.

The volume music increases in volume.

The screen dissolves to reveal a graphic:



The music fades out.

The screen fades to black.

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