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Ken Fisher Debunks: One Big Bear and You're Done

Fisher Investments’ founder, Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer Ken Fisher explains why one bear market shouldn’t ruin your retirement plans. Ken points out, with few exceptions, bear markets tend to be relatively short—typically lasting one to two years—compared to the duration of most investors’ retirement. According to Ken, as long as investors control their expenses and fight the urge to make significant portfolio shifts during negative volatility, one bear market should not cause irreparable harm.

Ken recognizes there has long been a notion of “one big bear and you’re done.” In his book Debunkery he explains how investors tend to think “things are different this time.” However, the power of capitalism and its ability to fuel innovation and overcome obstacles has always rewarded patient investors. Ken also reminds us that every market downturn has been followed by a recovery to new highs, noting that recoveries can happen quickly.

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