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Lifelong Careers at Fisher Investments

Rushi (Global Private Client Marketing Team Leader), Chris (Recruiter), and Mark (Associate Vice President Information Security), encourage individuals with diverse educational and professional backgrounds to consider roles at Fisher Investments. A finance degree isn’t necessary to join Fisher. These employees highlight the wide range of opportunities, coaching and resources to help employees from all backgrounds build successful lifelong careers.


Rushi W.:

One of the main reasons that I really enjoy working at Fisher is the ability to have that very direct conversation with my manager about where I want my career to grow as well as how I can get there. There are a lot of different people from diverse backgrounds, you know, ranging from design majors to, you know, engineering majors. That is not necessarily what you would expect in a financial services firm.

Chris G.:

What I would tell somebody that wants to apply at Fisher that doesn't have necessarily a business or a finance degree, one I would say apply. I mean, if you go on to our careers website, you'll see that outside of finance there's a ton of other roles human resources. I mean, technology right now is also a major, major department where we're expanding. I mean, there's information security, application development. The list is endless, really, And there's opportunity for each and every skill set.

I actually started my career straight out of high school in a restaurant. I'd always had a passion for recruiting, and that's when I came across the job posting at Fisher Investments and here we are today. Through experience I've developed throughout my professional career, I've developed the skills needed for the job and have been able to perform well.

Mark M.:

If you're a person who doesn't have a background in business or finance or doesn't have that degree, I'd say, don't let that hold you back. Your degree may be a part of your story, but it's up to you whether you let it define you. It's pretty common here at Fisher for for team members of ours to move from department to department, getting to know the firm, getting to know how we operate as they move on with their career.

Rushi W.:

How Fisher stands out is that they care about the employees, they care about their clients, and they are open to providing the coaching as well as the resources need for each and every one of us to be successful. When I was a data analyst, I was able to use the resources available across the data analytics side of things as well as marketing, as well as finance to learn not just my focus area, but also to broaden my understanding and my skills on other areas. And when I became a team lead, Fisher actually provided new manager training where the content was great, that they actually helped me learn about how to manage people, how to coach and develop my teammates.

Mark M.:

One of the big surprises to me when I got to Fisher is how long term we operate in. As I say, when I'm talking to candidates, as I hire people to retire people, and that goes across the firm. In fact, you see it written on the on the walls. You walk up and down the stairwell, you can see lifelong careers written over and over again. And that's absolutely how we operate. We're looking for for careers that span decades.

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