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Paying Excessive Fees & Expenses | Fisher Investments Common Retirement Investing Mistake #7

In this video series, we share some of the most common retirement investing mistakes we see time and time again. These are not meant to scare you or give you the sense that peril is lurking around every corner. Rather, we’re sharing these so you can potentially learn from them and feel more confident making investment decisions.




A title screen reads “Common Retirement Investing Mistakes: Paying Excessive Fees & Expenses”

The bottom of the screen shows a logo for Fisher Investments.


A woman in a blue suit appears on screen next to a white board and begins speaking. The white board reads “Fees can add up fast.”

A chart appears on screen that shows the hypothetical impact of fees on $1,000,000 in two similar mutual funds with different fee structures. The mutual fund with lower fees shows about $800,000 more over its lifetime.

Woman in blue suit: Fees paid for investments or investing advice can add up fast and make a huge difference over time. Paying excessive fees can make it less likely that you can achieve your long-term financial goals. Fees can cost you, no exaggeration, hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

Woman in blue suit: Let's say you own two mutual funds and put a million dollars in each. You held your funds for years and didn't take any distributions. Let's assume both funds have matching average annual returns of ten percent, but one has annual fees and expenses of 1.5 percent, and the other 2.4 percent.

Woman in blue suit: With both fees assessed at the end of each year, as you can see all things being equal except fees, the one with the lower fees will put over eight hundred thousand dollars more into your pocket over time.

Woman in blue suit: When you think of how hard you worked for your money it simply doesn't make any sense to pay high fees.

The woman appears back on screen next to a graphic of seven common investing mistakes.

Woman in blue suit: Thanks for watching. You can check out our other six common retirement investing mistakes to learn more about what to avoid as you plan for your financial future.

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Woman in blue suit: Thanks for watching.

A series of disclosures appears on the screen “Investing in Securities involves a risk of loss. Past performance is never a guarantee of future returns. Investing in foreign stock markets involves additional risks, such as the risk of currency fluctuations. The foregoing constitutes the general views of Fisher Investments and should not be regarded as personalized investment advice or a reflection of the performance of Fisher Investments or its clients. Nothing herein is intended to be a recommendation or a forecast of market conditions. Rather it is intended to illustrate a point. Current and future markets may differ significantly from those illustrated here. Not all past forecasts were, nor future forecasts may be, as accurate as those predicted herein.”


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