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Working at Fisher Investments - Early Career

Early Careers at Fisher Investments. Explore what it's like to work at Fisher Investments by hearing from current employees.


Steven S.: Fisher certainly sets us up to be successful by investing really a lot of quality time and effort to their their onboarding and training process for their employees, especially at the associate level.

Jacquelyn B.: Fisher set me up for a successful career by putting emphasis on being a career firm. We don't hire people, you know, with the expectation that they're just going to fill this spot and then move on. You know, we want to make lifers out of the people we hire.

Steven S.: Fisher embraces that philosophy of great ideas, and great employees can come from anywhere by hiring from a diversity of different professional backgrounds. I know that someone on my starting class had a religion degree, had no finance background at all, but still learn the role really well, and she's crushing it. It comes down to having that attitude and that willingness to develop and learn.

Matthew K.: We really do promote internal growth and internal learning. So we have multiple opportunities to see what other departments are doing and talk with other departments just to see if it could be a good fit in terms of personality, in terms of future career orientation. And for Fisher Investments, it's very common to see people, especially in my role as a regional sales associate, move on to other departments. After several years.

Jacquelyn B.: I was promoted to regional sales associate team leader. After about two years in the regional sales associate role. One thing that really helped me was my team leader. So she was the one who kind of said to me, Hey, what do you think about leadership? What if we put you on this development path, really developing you as a leader? And then that's how eventually I made it to regional sales. Associate Team Leader.

Matthew K.: If you're looking to start your career, I would recommend Fisher Investments. You really have the chance to create a lifelong career from the get go. And that's something that here is not only promoted, but you see it every day.

Jacquelyn B.: Fisher is a great place for someone who's just starting out in their career because you have so much opportunity to drive your own development here and so much opportunity to really do what you want to do and to learn new things. It's been a

Steven S.: Great run so far. I plan on staying here for a long time. There's just great people here and I enjoy coming to work every day, so it doesn't necessarily feel like a job to me. It's a lot of fun.

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