Top-down Approach

Fisher Investments’ portfolio management service process puts the focus on you. Your retirement investing strategy should capture broader trends that drive market returns and align with your goals. 

We developed a top-down portfolio management process to do this—applying Capital Markets Technology to a wide range of market drivers to formulate forecasts and develop portfolio themes.* 

Interested in market analysis for your portfolio? Our latest Stock Market Outlook looks at key stock market drivers including market, political, and economic factors.

Our Top-down Portfolio Management Process Involves:

  • Asset Allocation:  Selecting the mix of stocks, bonds, cash, or other assets.
  • Sub-asset Allocation:  Deciding which countries or sectors are likely to outperform, based on our forward-looking views, as well as market capitalization and valuation.
  • Security Selection: Selecting individual stocks or bonds within your portfolio.

But our portfolio management services don't end there. We continually monitor markets for changing trends and we review your goals and objectives to make sure they’re on track. Finally, service, communication, and education play ongoing roles in our relationship.

* Forward-looking return attribution is an approximation intended for illustrative purposes and should not be considered a forecast of future returns or return attribution.