Reading the books every investor should read, so you don’t have to. Host, Mike Hanson, Senior Vice President of Research at Fisher Investments (and chronic bibliophile) cuts through today’s information deluge with authors of some of the most influential books in their field. From artificial intelligence with Melanie Mitchell, to behavioral finance with Meir Statman; Mike breaks down complicated concepts that impact the choices investors’ make, to help every investor become a well-read investor.

Episode 7: Larry Siegel

Prolific author and investment professional, Laurence B. Siegel and host, Mike Hanson make the case for why in the end, optimists win.

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Episode 6: Amity Shlaes

New York Times best-selling Author, Amity Shlaes and Fisher Investments’ Mike Hanson examine the lessons we can learn today from LBJ’s Great Society.

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Episode 5: John Gaddis

Dean of Cold War Historians, John Lewis Gaddis on Grand Strategy

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Episode 4: Brian Arthur

Schumpeter Prize Winning Economist Dr. W Brian Arthur on Becoming a Complexity Thinker

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Episode 3: Joshua Gans

Award-winning economist, author, and professor, Joshua Gans and Investor Mike Hanson examine the economics of Artificial Intelligence.

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Episode 2: Melanie Mitchell

Leading Artificial Intelligence expert Melanie Mitchell and Investor Mike Hanson discuss how AI is used in investing, separating hype from reality.

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Episode 1: Meir Statman

We open with a bang in our first episode, a wide-ranging discussion with Professor Meir Statman. Meir is one of the true originals of behavioral finance—really a legend in the field. This discussion though, broadens across Meir’s career, with particular emphasis on his popular book, “Finance for Normal People”—an accessible yet jam packed work covering a career’s worth of findings in behavioral finance and economics.

For my part, the value of Meir’s work has always been in the humanity he brings to finance, you can hear it in his voice alone—and it’s part of what made this interview such a joy to do. Ultimately, the exploration of your own self and the psychology of others, is well worth the time in the quest to be a better person and better investor.

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