Book Reviews

Reading a book is a true investment. You want to make sure that the returns you receive in knowledge and entertainment are worth the price you pay in time, energy and money. However, typical book reviews often don't give readers what they need: a trustworthy appraisal of the real costs and benefits of a book in which they’re interested.

The mantra of our podcast, The Well Read Investor: “May all your reading profit your mind and your money.” The idea is to bring meaningful conversations to investors with thought-provoking ideas to enrich their investing knowledge and global awareness.

But there are far more books and ideas worth discussing than the podcast can cover. So host Mike Hanson offers reviews of these books using our own price-to-literacy (P/L) ratio, looking at all the key points a reader needs to know about when deciding if a book is worth investing their time.

10 Books That Helped my Thinking About Markets Over the Last Decade

In no particular order, a handful of books that helped my thinking about markets over the last decade.

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The Great Reversal

Offering a superlative crash course in the debates of the day, Thomas Philippon has written one of the better economics books for wide readership in a while.

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Lost in a Gallup

A narrative history of US pollsters, journalists, and politics sheds light and context on a struggle more than a century old.

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The Theory of the Leisure Class

An economics classic still bears relevance, even if it doesn’t offer much practicality for investors.

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The Three Languages of Politics: Talking Across the Political Divides

A book about political ideology reveals much about investors’ minds, too.

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The Code of Capital: How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality

This well-argued book offers insight for investors who haven’t studied much law, but note that the costs of reading this one are about equal to its benefits.

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What Is The Price-to-Literacy Ratio?

We developed the price-to-literacy (P/L) ratio: all an investor needs to know if a book is right to read. Here’s how it works.

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The Psychology of Money

Morgan Housel has written a very good book about investing. It's not really a psychology book per se, it's more like a wisdom book for the average investor.

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