Common Asset Management Fees

Fees are a crucial consideration for all investors, especially considering how an investment adviser is compensated can present conflicts of interest.

Our asset management fee structure is simple and straightforward: Fisher Investments is a fee-only asset manager. We do not earn any commissions. Our charge is a percentage of the assets we manage for you.

We believe this fee structure aligns our interests with yours—when your portfolio grows, we earn more. Because we employ major third party brokerage houses to hold your assets in an account in your name, there are standard commissions on trades. However, we don’t earn commissions and have every incentive to keep fees charged to your account to a minimum.

This is vastly different than many commission-compensated financial advisers who have diverse ways to earn revenue from you, many of which generally involve encouraging you to trade or buy products. Many of these same products have hidden trading and transaction costs that can only further dilute your overall returns and places your interests at odds with theirs.