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Safe Harbor for Small Businesses

Image that reads "Safe Harbor Guide"

Image that reads "Safe Harbor Guide"

Safe Harbor for Small Business

Optimizing a 401(k) with a Safe Harbor component is the most impactful way for a business owner to maximize their personal 401(k) contribution.

Download the Safe Harbor Guide to learn more about:

  • What is Safe Harbor- Safe Harbor is a type of employer contribution that is added to a 401(k) plan in order to help the plan pass compliance testing. There are three types of contributions an employer can choose from: Non-Elective, Basic, Enhanced.
  • Why is Safe Harbor Important- A 401(k) with a Safe Harbor component will automatically pass compliance testing and allows business owners (and other high earners) to maximize their personal contribution, thus reducing their personal taxes.
  • How Fisher Can Help- Fisher is one of America's top advisory firms with deep experience helping business owners navigate the ins and outs of evaluating and setting up a Safe Harbor strategy tailored to meet their specific objectives.