Welcome to the Private Client Group

Fisher Investments manages money for some of the wealthiest Americans, but many of our clients view themselves as the "millionaires next door"—people who value professional investing expertise to guide their investment management strategy.

Ken Fisher recounts an experience that exemplifies how our service touches our clients

What We do

  • We manage virtually every aspect of the investment process for you, including account setup and transfers, asset allocation, and trading individual securities.
  • Our investment approach is global, dynamic, and flexible. When appropriate, we adjust your portfolio as our forward-looking views of market conditions change.
  • We create a personalized portfolio for you that may include stocks, bonds, cash, and/or other securities.
  • We offer unparalleled service. As a client, you’ll work with a dedicated Investment Counselor who provides personalized attention to your specific investing needs.
  • We provide ongoing education on investing, our portfolio management approach and global markets through live seminars, quarterly reports, books, websites and more.