Climetrics Fund Award

Fisher Investments was recognised by CDP, the leading global organisation measuring the environmental effects of companies, investment funds, cities, regions, and countries. CDP awarded Fisher Investments' Emerging Markets ex-Fossil Fuels Equity product with a 2021 Climetrics Award.

We are honoured to receive the prestigious Climetrics Award from CDP—the world leader in environmental reporting," said Aaron Anderson, Senior Vice President of Research at Fisher Investments. "Fisher Investments has long believed in partnering with our clients to develop products that meet their financial, environmental, and social goals. We created the Emerging Markets ex-Fossil Fuels product in collaboration with clients interested in compelling investment opportunities in developing countries and promoting positive environmental practises with an emphasis on climate."

"Europe is the world leader in ESG investing and we are proud to be one of only two US-based asset managers recognised with this award," added Justin Arbuckle, Senior Executive Vice President of Fisher Investments' Institutional Investment Group. "Following on the success of this product, we collaborated with clients to launch similar impact products focused on climate action and other Sustainable Development Goals."

The annual Climetrics Fund Awards recognise the top five Global, European, US, and Emerging Markets equity products for environmental performance. Award winners are selected from a universe of approximately 20,000 products based on their underlying "Climetrics" scores. Climetrics scores are based on a product's portfolio holdings, investment policy and governance of environmental issues. Fisher Investments pays a fee for promotion and logo distribution rights.

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