F.A.Z.-Institut – Outstanding Customer Experience Award

In 2024, Grüner Fisher Investments (GFI) was named a winner of the F.A.Z.-Institut Outstanding Customer Experience Award. GFI achieved a score of 100/100 in the asset management category. Approximately 7,800 companies were a part of the study and 404 were named winners.

Winners were chosen via “social listening.” The F.A.Z.-Institut analyzed online text mentions for companies in various industries using AI. From there, the text mentions were assigned a positive, negative, or neutral tone. These values were then weighted and calculated into an overall score. The leading company within an industry received 100 points and served as a benchmark for other companies. Those who achieved above-average points in the overall ranking received an award. Grüner Fisher Investments pays a fee for promotion and logo distribution rights. For more, please see https://servicevalue.de/rankings/vermoegensverwalter-46.

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