Focus Money Customer Favorite Award

Focus Money Customer Favorite Award

In 2023, Grüner Fisher Investments (GFI) was named a “Customer Favorite” by Focus Magazine and the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF). This is the first year Grüner Fisher Investments was recognized. Approximately 20,000 brands and companies from over 200 industries were considered for this award, and 1,800 companies made the list.

The study’s data was collected via “social listening.” First, text containing pre-defined search terms were downloaded from the internet. Topics included were price, service and quality. Next, the text was analyzed by topic and tone. All mentions were deemed positive, neutral or negative.

The study considered two factors to calculate the overall score: each mention’s tone (the difference between positive and negative mentions divided by the total number of mentions), and the reach (number of total mentions in relation to each industry’s average). Around 1.8 million mentions, 1.3 million emojis and 455 million likes were evaluated from February 2022 to January 2023. Companies or brands that achieved at least 50 points in the overall rating received an award. A total of 1,800 companies and brands received awards. Grüner Fisher Investments pays a fee for promotion and logo distribution rights.

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