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‘Towards Sustainability’ Label

The ‘Towards Sustainability’ quality standard and label were developed on the initiative of Febelfin (the Belgian financial sector federation) with an objective to qualitatively and quantitatively increase the level of socially responsible and sustainable financial products, and to mainstream its principles towards traditional financial products.  Clients should be able to rely upon the assumption that the money they put into a 'socially responsible’ financial product shall not be used to finance activities and practices generally accepted as 'unsustainable', and shall, to a greater or lesser extent, be used to finance activities with a positive contribution to society. The quality standard requires exclusion of the financing of a limited number of practices that are widely regarded as unsustainable. The focus however lies on transparency and the provision of relevant and helpful information, by which potential clients can determine if the policy of a specific product is in line with their personal convictions. In 2021, one strategy received the ‘Towards Sustainability’ label: Fisher Investments Institutional Emerging Markets Responsible Equity ex-Fossil Fuels.

Financial products are awarded the ‘Towards Sustainability’ label by the Central Labeling Agency (CLA) of the Belgian SRI label based on adherence to the ‘Towards Sustainability’ quality standard (for sustainable financial products). Fisher Investments pays a fee which covers administration costs, results analysis and logo rights distribution.

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