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Fisher Investmentsโ€™ in-house research and editorial staff monitor over 100 financial websites and blogs daily, bringing readers pertinent financial news. Highlights for the week are summarized in the MarketMinder Weekly Digest. Each weekly edition features the following:

  • Commentary โ€“ Includes Fisher Investmentsโ€™ daily commentary with current views on market events and key economic issues, and our expanded opinions on the markets, investing, market myths, the global economy, behavioral finance, and more.
  • News Roundup โ€“ Links to third-party news stories we believe either correctly interpret market issues and current events, perpetuate investing myths, basic misunderstandings of capitalism, and other common market misperceptions.

MarketMinder provides a one-stop source for critical and unique financial information, helping individuals stay current, think ahead, and become better investors. MarketMinder is operated by the in-house research and editorial staff of Fisher Investments, an independent investment adviser based with US offices in Washington and California.

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