Fisher Investments Atlanta

Fisher Investments - Atlanta, GA

Fisher Investments’ Atlanta office serves existing and prospective clients in the Atlanta metropolitan area and throughout Georgia and the entire Southern region. If you’re looking to partner with an investment adviser and are curious about what we bring to the table, we’d be happy to chat with you and help you discover whether Fisher is a good fit. We’re easily accessible by public transportation, right off the Turner McDonald Parkway and the 285 Interchange.

When you hire Fisher Investments as your financial adviser, rest assured we’ll put your interests as our first priority. This is not just our fiduciary duty, it’s our company’s founding principle. Fisher Investments structures all of its business around this value. We separate sales, service, operations, portfolio management and more to minimize conflicts of interest. Most notably, unlike many investment firms, Fisher Investments receives no commissions for trades or from selling investment products. Our fee-only policy removes any incentive beyond making sure your portfolio is on track to meet your goals. The fees you pay us are based on the amount of money you have invested with us. It’s simple and transparent—the better you do, the better we do.

With Fisher Investments, you’ll never get lost in the crowd. The more we know about you, the better we can tailor your portfolio to serve your long-term objectives and make your hard-saved money work for you. That’s why you have a dedicated Investment Counselor who meets with you to discuss your financial goals and needs, along with your lifestyle, your health and your vision for yourself and your family—and anything else that may affect your personal financial situation. Your Investment Counselor will remain your main point of contact, proactively reaching out to keep you informed of changes in your portfolio, addressing your concerns and helping you stay on track—even if that means the occasional dose of tough love during temporary market volatility.

Your portfolio assets are chosen by Fisher Investments’ Investment Policy Committee, which has more than 130 combined years of investment experience and is led by our founder and Executive Chairman Ken Fisher. To support the Committee’s decisions, our extensive research division employs a holistic, universal approach to studying markets, starting globally and narrowing down through countries and sectors to identify investing opportunities we think will deliver long-term value to our clients. This disciplined, repeatable strategy takes into account macroeconomics, politics and sentiment—temporary hype does not sway our decisions.

You can discuss our investing decisions with us at any time. And because we know a well-informed investor is a better investor, Fisher Investments has a vast amount of free educational materials you can easily access to learn as much as you’d like about how markets function and Fisher’s unique take on markets at any given time. Further, your Investment Counselor or other Fisher employees are always available to discuss market changes and how current events may affect your portfolio. Throughout our relationship with you, we remain committed to helping you fulfill your financial goals with full transparency.

Fisher’s Atlanta, GA, office is located in the Perimeter Center on the Ashwood Pkwy, an easy jump off the Turner McDonald Parkway and the 285 Interchange, and accessible by public transportation. Contact us to learn how Fisher Investments can help you grow your investment portfolio—a Regional Vice President is ready to meet with you and discuss your finances and investment goals.