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About Our New York City Office

Fisher Investments New York, NY

Looking for a Reputable Investment Adviser? Let Fisher Investments’ New York Office Help

Since our founding in 1979, Fisher Investments has grown to become one of the largest independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisers in the country. Throughout our investment adviser’s forty-year history, we have helped both private clients and institutional investors reach their long-term goals, without charging trading commissions or sell investment products. This fiduciary approach allows Fisher Investments to align our incentives with our clients’ best interests —simply put, when clients’ portfolios do better, so do we.

About Fisher Investments New York City

Today, Fisher Investments manages $192 billion assets under management for over 130,000 clients around the world.* We believe our investment adviser growth is a testament to the dedication we give our clients and the wide array of services we provide. From estate planning to annuity evaluation to social security support, Fisher Investments has financial planning services that put you at the center.

At Fisher Investments, our objective is to provide you with world-class portfolio management and superior, personalized service—all aimed at helping you reach your longer-term financial goals. Our New York office will simply offer a convenient place to discuss your financial situation with a Fisher Investments professional.

Why Work with Fisher Investments in New York City?

Fisher Investments is proud to provide our financial services to clients and prospective clients in the Big Apple! New York City offers a uniquely fast-paced lifestyle, full of culture and diversity, and our goal is to help clients position their finances to enjoy the lifestyle they’d like. We believe that Fisher Investments possesses the client-oriented service structure and straightforward wealth management strategies that New Yorkers value expect and deserve from an investment adviser that puts their interest first.

Let Fisher Investments help take the stress out of money management, so that you can get back to doing what you love most and enjoying all New York City has to offer.

Fisher Investments’ Approach to Portfolio Management

We believe our approach to top-down portfolio management sets Fisher Investments apart from other investment advisers. Our four-step philosophy is as such: First, Fisher Investments weighs economic, political and sentiment factors we believe will drive markets. Based on those we determine whether we believe exposure to equities, fixed income, cash or other securities is most advantageous. We then determine a sub-asset allocation—selecting which countries, sectors and styles to overweight and underweight relative to your benchmark. Finally, we identify individual stocks or other securities positioned to benefit from our view of the previously identified drivers.

Along with offering these portfolio management services, Fisher Investments can help New Yorkers take their personal finances into consideration as we develop investment plans tailored to their lifestyles. We’ll account for factors ranging from cash-flow requirements to risk tolerance so that we can help keep you on track to reach your long-term investing goals.

How Fisher Investments’ Services Benefit You

Unlike other investment advisers, investor education is at the forefront of our core beliefs. We provide clients with the opportunity to attend in complimentary events in their area—including New York City—focusing on topics such as market volatility, current events, portfolio decision rationale and more so that our clients feel connected to their account.

As a Fisher Investments client, you will receive proactive communication regarding portfolio changes, providing you with the personalized service you deserve when hiring an investment adviser. Additionally, Fisher Investment employees are available to help answer questions or address concerns you may have throughout our relationship.

Learn What Sets Fisher Investments Apart from Other Investment Advisers

Entrusting your wealth to an investment adviser is one of the most important decisions you can make, so it’s prudent to investigate and thoroughly vet those you’re considering. For more information on Fisher Investments and the variety of financial services we provide, please contact a local New York representative.

*As of 3/31/2023, Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries manage over $192 billion in assets globally—over $156 billion for private investors, $33 billion for institutional investors and $3 billion for US small to mid-sized business retirement plans.

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    Andrew Herring
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  • Christopher Giuffrida, Vice President at Fisher Investments in New York, NY
    Christopher Giuffrida
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    New York NY

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  • Anthony Leva, Senior Vice President at Fisher Investments in New York, NY
    Anthony Leva
    Senior Vice President

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