What We Offer

Your financial future is personal, but that doesn’t mean you need to go it alone. We help individuals and families assess their unique personal situations, plan for the long term and invest to meet their goals. From financial planning to annuity assessment, we always put our clients’ needs first. Our steady counsel helps clients stay on track, even when markets are choppy or life is unpredictable.

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What We Offer

Personalized Portfolio Management

You deserve a tailored portfolio, not a cookie cutter strategy. We take the time to learn about your unique goals and needs. Then we create a personalized plan so you can invest with confidence and meet your long-term objectives.

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Financial Planning

A good financial plan is the blueprint that helps you make decisions holistically and confidently. We can help our clients with budgeting and cash flow analysis, estate and tax planning, and even strategies for maximizing Social Security.

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Annuity Assessment

We’ve worked with many clients who were sold annuities that did not meet their needs and helped them develop a new financial plan that does. We can help you evaluate an annuity, understand the fine print and weigh the pros and cons.

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How We Do It

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Institutional Experience

We manage money for some of the world’s leading companies, pension funds and endowments. When you choose Fisher Investments, you’re getting the same investment team and process trusted by large institutions.

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Excellent Service

We’re relentlessly focused on our clients. Their long-term success is our main goal. As a client you’ll hear from us regularly. Not because we have something to sell, but to keep you informed about how we’re managing your money and to make sure we understand your needs. Our Investment Counselors will stand with you through thick and thin and keep you connected to our firm’s many resources.

Active Portfolio Management

We take an active, disciplined and global approach to managing money. We start by getting to know the real you through your goals, needs, lifestyle, family, health and more. Then we create a personalized portfolio for you. We’re always focused on your long-term goals. As market conditions or your needs change, so does your portfolio.

Experienced Management Team

Our 5-person Investment Policy Committee, who makes strategic portfolio decisions, has over 150 years of combined industry experience. And our executive team has been working together for over three decades. This stability and experience across multiple market cycles help us deliver results for our clients.

Preparing for Retirement

Retirement Planning

Whether you’re approaching retirement and don’t know where to start or you’re currently retired and want to re-evaluate your plan, we can help you ask the right questions to help you reach your goals.

Generating Retirement Income

You may need to take income from your investments after you stop receiving a regular paycheck. We can help you figure out how to do that without depleting your funds.

Understanding Your Time Horizon

This sounds abstract, but it comes down to a simple and important question: How long will you need your money to work for you? The answer likely stretches well beyond when you plan to retire. We can help you figure out the right timeline for your strategy.

Evaluating Your Financial Plan

How does your financial plan stack up? We can help you evaluate if you’re on track to meet your goals and help with budgeting for the future you want.

Are you on track to retire?

Retirement GPS lets you explore different paths to your financial future. Build custom retirement scenarios and unlock personalized tools and insights to help keep you on track.

Helpful Financial Planning Resources

Retirement Calculators

Our retirement calculators can give you a quick sense of whether your current rate of savings has you on track for a comfortable retirement.

Informative Financial Guides

Our downloadable guides offer information on retirement planning, retirement income and much more. They’re available at no cost.

Popular Retirement Topics

We know investors nearing or in retirement have a lot to think about. Learn more about these common topics:

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