FairyGodBoss 2023 Best Financial Company for Women

Fisher Investments was named as one of the 2023 Best Finance Companies for Women by FairyGodBoss. FairyGodBoss is the largest career community for women and provides free resources and a safe inclusive environment for highly motivated women to connect with other career minded individuals and help one another to succeed.

This list is determined by anonymous reviews left on Fairygodboss. Scores range from 0 – 100. Fairygodboss then averages female employee’s responses to 3 questions about their overall job satisfaction, perceived gender equality at work and recommendations to other women about working at their employer. Financial Services companies with the top 10 highest scores are featured on the list. Fisher Investments pays an annual fee to post jobs and manage a profile on the Fairygodboss website. For more, please visit: https://fairygodboss.com/best-companies-for-women-finance-2023.

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