Our Portfolio Management Team

At Fisher Investments, the Portfolio Management Team is headed by an Investment Policy Committee with support from research analysts and other financial professionals.

Investment Policy Committee

The Investment Policy Committee (IPC) collaboratively makes all strategic investment decisions affecting clients’ portfolios. Though the IPC functions as a team, each member focuses his efforts on particular segments of investment strategy. While all four committee members conduct macroeconomic, political and sentiment analysis in support of the firm’s strategies, Ken Fisher (Founder & Co-Chief Investment Officer) plays the primary role in this process. Jeff Silk (Vice Chairman & Co-Chief Investment Officer), Bill Glaser (Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management) and Aaron Anderson (Senior Vice President of Research) are primarily responsible for the selection of securities within the firm’s strategies, overseeing Fisher Investments’ in-house research efforts, portfolio engineering and implementation, and the firm’s technological research resources.

Ken Fisher

Founder, Executive Chairman & Co-Chief Investment Officer

Ken founded Fisher Investments in 1979 and currently serves as Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer. He has written Forbes “Portfolio Strategy” column since 1984, making him the longest continuously running columnist in Forbes' history. He has authored 11 books, including 4 New York Times bestsellers.

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Jeff Silk

Vice Chairman & Co-Chief Investment Officer

As one of Fisher Investments’ first employees, Jeff has been with the firm since 1983 and currently serves on the firm’s Investment Policy Committee.

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Bill Glaser

Executive Vice President, Portfolio Management

Bill has been with Fisher Investments since 1999 and joined the IPC in 2011. He is the Executive Vice President responsible for Portfolio Management, overseeing the firm’s Investments Operations and Research groups. He previously managed the firm's Securities Research, Portfolio Implementation and Capital Markets Research teams and served as a Securities Research Analyst and Capital Markets Research Analyst.

Aaron Anderson

Senior Vice President, Research

Aaron has been with Fisher Investments since 2005 and joined the IPC in 2011. He oversees the firm’s global macroeconomic and capital markets research. Aaron has been a guest lecturer at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, and has written two books, including Own the World: How Smart Investors Create Global Portfolios. He has also served as a Capital Markets Research Analyst, Innovation Manager and contributing editor of MarketMinder.com. Prior to joining Fisher Investments, Aaron worked at Deutsche Bank Alex Brown as an Assistant Vice President.

The Research Department

Our internal research department is comprised of investment professionals dedicated to aiding the Investment Policy Committee with Fisher Investments’ portfolio management. The department is organized into teams with unique responsibilities, including analyzing macroeconomic trends, monitoring every investment sector and major country around the world, evaluating individual securities, calculating performance attribution, and implementing the IPC's portfolio decisions. Members of our research department present at seminars nationwide, teach workshops and university courses, and write columns, articles, and books on investing.

1 Based on a report completed in 2013 by CXO Advisory Group. The final report, titled “Guru Grades,” contains accuracy ratings for 68 forecasters collected over a period from 2005 to 2012 including market forecasts by Ken Fisher as published in Forbes. Ken Fisher’s market forecasts in Forbes represent his personal forecasts of the overall market and are not an indication of the performance of Fisher Investments or its clients. Not all forecasts may be as accurate as those in the past.