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Ken Fisher Titles

Beat the Crowd

How You Can Out-Invest the Herd by Thinking Differently

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Hardcover: 320 pages

ISBN: 978-1-118-97305-9

Bestselling author Ken Fisher’s new book goes back to his roots to cover how you can be a crowd-beating contrarian investor.

Many misunderstand contrarianism. They believe it means doing the opposite of everyone else. If the masses are bullish, the contrarians are bearish, and vice versa.

Few realize these supposed contrarians form their own crowd that behaves as herd-like as the masses they’re trying to outsmart. Avoiding the masses’ follies requires seeing through both crowds, thinking differently and discovering viewpoints neither crowd can fathom.

Cover image of Beat The Crowd by Ken Fisher

The Little Books of Market Myths

How to Profit by Avoiding the Investing Mistakes Everyone Else Makes

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Hardcover: 206 pages

ISBN: 978-1118445013

"By demolishing so many wealth-destroying myths, Ken Fisher has performed a priceless service for investors at a time when they need all the help they can get."

—Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media

A huge amount of what most investors believe is actually wholly or partially untrue—utter market myth leading to, at times, costly errors.

But investors don't follow myths because they know they're wrong. They follow myths because they seem like smart, common sense, "everyone knows" market wisdom. How can you tell the difference between myth and reality? By questioning.

In The Little Book of Market Myths, Fisher Investments founder and bestselling author Ken Fisher questions everything.

The Little Book of Market Myths

Plan Your Prosperity

The Only Retirement Guide You’ll Ever Need Starting Now – Whether You’re 22, 52 or 82

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Hardcover: 192 pages

Many people misunderstand key principles when investing for the future. It’s common to find confusing, even conflicting information about how much to save and when to start.

Furthermore, investors often think “retirement planning” and “financial planning” are two different objectives—but they aren’t! Do you want your assets to stop working for you after some projected retirement date? Probably not…

In Plan Your Prosperity, Ken Fisher demonstrates how you can better prepare for retirement by planning ahead, being aware of investor pitfalls—including investing myths.

Plan Your Prosperity

Markets Never Forget (But People Do):

How Your Memory Is Costing You Money and Why This Time Isn’t Different

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Hardcover: 240 pages

Markets Never Forget (But People Do): How Your Memory Is Costing You Money – and Why This Time Isn't Different is the latest book from Fisher Investments Founder Ken Fisher.

In Markets Never Forget, Ken Fisher reminds investors why this time it isn't different and investing patterns do repeat themselves--maybe not perfectly the same but well enough to provide guidance for future investment decisions.

Markets Never Forget book


Learn It, Do It, and Profit From It—Seeing Through Wall Street's Money-Killing Myths

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Hardcover: 240 pages

Debunkery: Learn It, Do It, and Profit From It—Seeing Through Wall Street's Money-Killing Myths is the latest book from Fisher Investments Founder, Ken Fisher.

In Debunkery, best-selling author Ken Fisher details why so many investors fail to get the long-term results they desire. The short answer is many investors fail to question if what they believe is true—and are therefore blinded by tradition, biases, ideology, or any number of cognitive errors. The problem is, the errors don't seem like mistakes—they seem like smart, intuitive, and/or widely recognized investing "wisdoms."

In short, accessible, and highly entertaining chapters, Debunkery details and debunks 50 common Wall Street myths—and gives readers the tools they need to continue to do their own debunkery for the rest of their investing careers.

Debunkery book

How to Smell a Rat

The Five Signs of Financial Fraud

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Hardcover: 224 pages

How to Smell a Rat is the latest book from New York Times bestselling author and Fisher Investments Founder, Ken Fisher.

With the recent financial fraud led by Bernard Madoff dominating headlines, many investors today are unsure who to trust with their hard earned money. In How to Smell a Rat, Ken Fisher seeks to teach investors to spot five signs of financial fraud, and protect themselves against similar frauds in the future!

Using real examples of recent and historic fraudsters, this book examines how they operated and how investors could have avoided them. Ken goes on to identify important red flags and questions investors can use when evaluating money managers.

How to Smell a Rat is an informative guide, and entertaining read, helping to arm readers with the tools necessary to protect themselves from financial fraud.

Ken Fisher Smell A Rat Book

The Ten Roads to Riches

The Ways the Wealthy Got There (And How You Can Too!)

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Hardcover: 272 pages

Using observations from his long career as a high-net-worth money manager, Ken Fisher realized most super-wealthy folks achieved their wealth by taking just one of ten roads—and you can too!

Through a combination of amusing anecdotes and Ken's observations and prescriptive advice, The Ten Roads to Riches shares with readers how real people achieved their dreams—and super wealth—while following the roads. Whether the road is owning real estate, starting a business, marrying superbly well, or investing wisely, The Ten Roads to Riches will show you each road's potential—and potholes to avoid.

The Ten Roads to Riches offers a wealth of information, advice, and entertainment to show how anyone can follow their own road to riches.

Ken Fisher Ten Roads Book

The Only Three Questions that Count

Investing by Knowing What Others Don’t

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Hardcover: 560 pages

Ever wish you could have more success in investing? You can – but not until you know something others don't. In his fourth book, Ken hands his readers the tools they need to do just that, not just now, but repeatedly and for the rest of their investing lives.

To date, most other investment books have focused on the craft of investing, a craft that is built on a common mythology. Investors – both amateurs and professionals – accept without question dogmatic principles of investing, such as, high P/Es are bad for stocks; the high price of gasoline triggers inflation, market declines, and worse; federal budget deficits cause a weak dollar and poor market performance. Though these beliefs are commonly accepted, application of the scientific method easily debunks these and other trenchant untruths.

Readers of The Only Three Questions That Count will be shocked to find much of the basis for their investing decisions are based on provably false mythology. Ken Fisher, for the first time, shares some of the same methodology he has used in managing money for his own clients. By treating investing as a science, instead of a craft, Fisher debunks many of the investing world's most pervasive and egregious myths. Moreover, he demonstrates an actionable scientific method investors can adapt immediately to help increase their success rate, beginning today.

Ken Fisher Only Three Questions

100 Minds that Made the Market

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

From Joe Kennedy's "sexcapades" to Jesse Livermore's suicide, this book portrays the drama, the dirt, and the financial doctrine of 100 amazingly inventive pioneers of finance – from business barons to scoundrels - folks who are best called characters – each a unique phenomenon. Now, or in 20 years, this book is a valuable part of any investor's library – a multi-level study of America's best and worst investors.
"FINALLY, an entertaining exposé on some unsung heroes and a few telling zeros of our industry."
- Ronald D. Peyton, President & CEO, Callan Associates, Inc.
"If you want to learn about finance and have fun at the same time, this is the book."
- James W.Michaels, Editor, Forbes magazine

100 Minds Book

The Wall Street Waltz 90 Visual Perspectives:

Illustrated Lessons from Financial Cycles and Trends

John Wiley & Sons
Re-released from Wiley under the new Fisher Investment Series, November 2007

The Wall Street Waltz is essentially a picture book for investors. Markets go through cycles of booms and busts—always have and always will. In The Wall Street Waltz, Ken Fisher details in charts and graphs the history of financial markets.

As he explains: "These charts are authentic. They provide vivid visual perspective on how Wall Streeters have waltzed for centuries. If there is one thing I've learned in the financial world, it is that while events and curious phenomena enter and exit the scene almost daily, nothing really important has changed for hundreds of years. All those trendy new details that so excite the media and the menagerie aren't very important at all. The really important things aren't new and haven't changed, and very few folks ever discuss them. But by seeing how Wall Streeters have done their waltz before--right and wrong--you can gain perspective on doing it right, now and forever."

Wall Street Waltz Book

Super Stocks

The Book That's Changing the Way Investors Think

McGraw Hill

Super Stocks Book