Fisher Investments Beat The Crowd

fisher investments beat the crowd
Beat the Crowd, by Fisher Investments founder and bestselling author Ken Fisher, is a straightforward guide to think-for-yourself investing. In Beat the Crowd, Fisher shows you how to both look beyond crowds and find real contrarian opportunities that play.

Many believe simply doing the opposite of everyone else is the key to avoiding the herd’s faulty investment decisions. Wall Street defines contrarian investing as betting the opposite of the crowd. Problem is, stocks often don’t do the opposite of what most folks expect! Those who bet on the opposite, thinking it makes them a contrarian, behave as crowd-like as the crowd they try to game! If the herd thinks stocks will rise 10%, the anti-herders bet they’ll fall—but markets could also skyrocket or zigzag sideways. 

How can you buck the trend and be right more often than wrong? Mainstream investors are wrong more often than right. Most folks intuitively know this, and statistics and studies back it up. 

Being a contrarian simply means thinking independently. Not getting caught up in media hype and endless debate over whether “Condition”X is good or bad for stocks. Looking for things everyone misses. Thinking differently than the crowd, but not necessarily the opposite! Fisher’s Beat the Crowd provides knowledge to help you filter the noise, test rules of thumb, shatter media myths and avoid common pitfalls.

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