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20/20 Money

See the Markets Clearly, Gain Focus and Invest Better than the Pros

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Hardcover: 288 Pages

Outperforming the markets, especially in today's volatile investing environment, requires seeing clearly and thinking differently about your investing choices. 20/20 Money: See the Markets Clearly and Invest Better Than the Pros provides readers the resources to do just that. This book acts as a valuable guide with detailed information on a range of investing topics from stock market theory to psychology. 20/20 Money encourages you to think differently about investing, by challenging your understanding of the stock market and forcing you to consider some tough decisions—all with the goal of helping you increase your long-term returns.

Market Insights Book

Own the World

How Smart Investors Create Global Portfolios

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Hardcover: 224 Pages

The notion that global investing is only suitable for super wealthy or institutional investors has long past. To be a successful investor today, one should seek opportunities globally. Never before has it been easier to gain access to global stock markets with the Internet and new technologies. Own the World seeks to eliminate the mystery behind global investing, while breaking down borders many see as obstacles to investing outside the US. There is something for every investor in Own the World—whether you seek to identify unique opportunities, diversify your portfolio, or simply broaden your knowledge of the global investment universe.

Own the world book

The Making of a Market Guru:

Forbes Presents 25 Years of Ken Fisher


Hardcover: 504 pages

Ken Fisher, founder and Executive Chairman of Fisher Investments, is a self-made billionaire and ranks among America's wealthiest individuals.

For over 30 years--since 1984--Fisher has written the monthly "Portfolio Strategy" column for Forbes magazine, currently making him the longest continuously running columnist in Forbes' history. During this time, he's seen everything from the stock market crash of 1987 and the great bull markets of the 1980s and 1990s to the Tech bubble of 2000 and the global market meltdown of 2008.

Now, with The Making of a Market Guru, you'll gain an insightful look at Fisher's prolific career over the years and discover the high-profile market calls he's had in these monthly columns. At times engaging and timely, at others revealing and informative, this book is a sweeping look at a recent and eventful slice of stock market history.

The Making of a Market Guru, you'll read about what's changed and be more amazed by what hasn't. And you'll see investing wisdom that still applies now and for the foreseeable future, from a quarter-century of Fisher's concise and witty market wisdom.

The Making of a Market Guru