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Academic Articles

Financial Analysts Journal

Ken Fisher has contributed articles to Financial Analysts Journal, a bimonthly professional publication containing articles by leading investment experts and academics – primarily directed at practitioners in the investment community.

Sentiment, Value, and Market-Timing
A Behavioral Framework For Time Diversification
Investor Sentiment And Stock Returns
Affect in a Behavioral Asset Pricing Model
The Mean-Variance-Optimization Puzzle: Security Portfolios and Food Portfolios

Journal of Investing

Ken Fisher has contributed to The Journal of Investing, a quarterly publication offering authoritative, critical research and real-world applications of investment strategies for institutional investors

Market Timing at Home and Abroad
Sentiment Value and Market Timing

Journal of Portfolio Management

Ken Fisher has contributed to The Journal of Portfolio Management, the definitive source of thought-provoking analysis and practical techniques for institutional investors.

Consumer Confidence and Stock Returns
Cognitive Biases In Market Forecasts
Investment Advice from Mutual Fund Companies

Journal of Behavioral Finance

(Formerly the The Journal of Psychology and Financial Markets) Ken Fisher has contributed to The Journal of Behavioral Finance, the single source for sophisticated analysis of developments in this intriguing new area in finance, behavioral finance, which studies individual and group emotion, cognition and behavior in financial markets.

Blowing Bubbles

Journal of Financial Research

Ken Fisher has contributed to The Journal of Financial Research, a quarterly academic journal devoted to publication of original scholarly research in investment and portfolio management, capital markets and institutions, and corporate finance, corporate governance, and capital investment.

Market Timing in Regressions and Reality

Journal of Wealth Management

Ken Fisher has contributed to The Journal of Wealth Management, a peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to original research and practical guidance for high-net-worth investors and family offices.

Bubble Expectations

Journal Wealth Management