Investors' Guide to the 2016 Presidential Election

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The 2016 Presidential election is heating up, but what does all the sensationalism really mean for the stock market and your portfolio? Should you be holding off on investing decisions until after the election? Or is now a good time to make a change and position your portfolio for a new presidency? Many high net worth investors are feeling uncertain about what their next move should be.

Biases Can Be Blinding: Get the Facts

When it comes to investing decisions, we believe it is wise to remain politically and ideologically agnostic. Why? A political preference is just another bias. We believe investing decisions should be driven by research and analysis. Our new Investors’ Guide to the 2016 Presidential Election addresses these important issues:

  • What the 2016 race abnormalities could mean for stocks
  • Why political biases can be deadly in investing
  • The impact a Republican vs. Democratic presidency could have on the stock market
  • What insights presidential term cycles may predict
  • The reasons midterm elections are overwhelmingly positive for the market

As presidential campaigns escalate and rhetoric reaches fever pitch, don’t get caught up in the bluster. We created this guide to help high net worth investors with $500,000+ understand how Washington politics can influence market returns.

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