Client Education

As a Fisher Investments client, we want you to understand what’s going on with your portfolio and, more importantly, the reasoning behind our decision making. That’s why we have multiple ways we regularly keep you up-to-date and informed on the markets, our outlook and the reasoning behind our strategic portfolio decisions.

Quarterly Reviews

Each quarter you will receive an extensive report published under the direction of the Investment Policy Committee with input from our research staff. In it, we discuss recent market performance and our future market outlook. We also explain our views on current global economic and financial trends, and might cover such topics like:

  • What period in history the current stock market most closely resembles
  • What emergent trend could determine beating the market or lagging
  • How and why prior presidential elections have impacted stocks

The goal of this detailed report is to help you understand how current economic and political events are impacting the global stock market. We believe it’s a level of education and transparency few money managers provide to their clients.

Capital Markets Update Videos

Twice a year, we produce a video (sent as a DVD or viewable online) hosted by the Investment Policy Committee explaining our current market outlook. This video expands on many of the themes in our quarterly reviews and is a chance for you to hear portfolio decision-makers discuss the market and address many of the frequently asked client questions from the prior period.


This commentary, now available to the general public, was originally created for Fisher Investments clients. MarketMinder is a source of “straight talk” about the financial markets, with the goal of helping investors understand whether market events are bullish or bearish, and why. The articles are updated every business day by Fisher Investments’ editorial staff, who scour over 100 periodicals, blogs and other sources to identify relevant financial news. We provide daily commentary on the markets and highlight stories in the financial media we believe investors should either pay attention to, or ignore.