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VIDEO: How High-Touch Service Benefits Clients

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Jill Hitchcock, Senior Executive Vice President of the US Private Client Group, explains how Fisher Investments’ high-touch service benefits clients.

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High-Touch Client Service

At Fisher Investments, portfolio management is only half the picture. Of equal—if not more—importance is our personalized service. We commit ourselves to understanding your financial needs and giving you the confidence and comfort necessary to help you reach your long-term investing goals.

Your Investment Counselor

We don’t wait for our clients to call with questions. You get proactive service from a personal, dedicated Investment Counselor. You’ll hear regularly from your Investment Counselor, and you can decide how frequently. Further, your Investment Counselor will reach out to you whenever there are important changes in your account. And because Investment Counselors are not commission-based, these are not sales calls. Your Investment Counselor is there to keep you informed, not to sell you products.

What else do Investment Counselors do? Their job is to continually evaluate your investment objectives, monitor your account and provide day-to-day service. Their goal is to make sure you know exactly what’s going on with your money, and why.

Although your Investment Counselor is your primary point of contact with Fisher Investments, you have more than one person working for you. Your Investment Counselor coordinates with a team of investment professionals that is responsible for servicing and managing your portfolio. Your investment team includes members from research, trading, operations and more—all under the guidance of the Investment Policy Committee (IPC).

Education and Information

We want our clients to understand what’s going on with their portfolios and, more importantly, the reasoning behind our decisions. That’s why we have multiple ways we regularly keep you up-to-date and informed on the markets, our outlook and what drives our strategic portfolio decisions.

You will have access to an array of materials including:

Client Programs

Fisher Investments continually seeks new ways to enrich your client experience. In addition to helping you achieve your long-term financial goals via portfolio management, we host a series of programs to provide you with timely updates and education regarding the financial markets and your portfolio. We designed these events—held in more than 60 cities nationwide—exclusively for clients of Fisher Investments to offer unprecedented access to senior decision makers and other clients of the firm. Examples include Fisher Forecast Seminars, Investment Roundtables, Fisher Friends events, and more. There is no additional cost to our clients for these events, and we encourage you to attend as many as you would like each year.

This high level of client support and proactive customer service is a cornerstone of our Private Client Group. While most of our industry typically reserves these type of services for institutional investors, we are proud to offer the highest level of customer service to all of our clients—whether they’re individual investors or institutions.