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Wowsers, Bewares And Dr. Jekyll's Hyde

By Ken Fisher, Forbes, 01/03/2017

Just off the 26th Forbes Cruise for Investors, I noted tons of Trump talk. Generally glad he won, liking what they see, cruisers were also quite mindful they misread him all through Nov. 8 and now vacillate fast to fears their new Dr. Jekyll may morph to Mr. Hyde somehow. That’s good.

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Trump-Impervious Market

By Ken Fisher, Forbes, 12/14/2016

I expect overall 2017 earnings growth of about 13%-plus, which will surprise most. It's simple math.

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British Bankers Ireland Bound?

By Lara Hoffmans, Forbes, 06/19/2013

The UK’s Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards must secretly love bankers, love Ireland or both. I’ll explain.

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3 Key Lessons From the Just Fine Decade

By Lara Hoffmans, Forbes, 04/05/2013

The DJIA surpassed its prior peak to much fanfare recently, and the S&P 500 Price Index to less. (Oddly, zero attention was paid when the S&P 500 Total Return Index surpassed its prior peak fully a year ago.) With the eurozone economy still flirting with recession and US stocks outperforming much of the developed world of late, all eyes are on the US.

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Q4 Growth and the Sequester

By Lara Hoffmans, Forbes, 02/28/2013

What can Q4’s revised GDP growth tell us about the sequester? That it won’t impact overall 2013 economic growth much (if at all).

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