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Fisher Investments writes articles and views on the markets and economy. Chairman and Director Ken Fisher, wrote a monthly “Portfolio Strategy” column for Forbes for over 30 years, making him the longest continuously running columnist in the magazine’s 100 year history. He is a regular contributor to several publications, including USA Today, Financial Times in the UK, Focus Money in Germany, Børsen in Denmark and De Telegraaf in the Netherlands. Ken authored 11 books, including four New York Times bestsellers—and has been published, interviewed and written about in publications globally. His research has been showcased in numerous scholarly journals, representing his commitment to original insight and analysis across the academic spectrum of investing. Any of the articles, books or commentary produced by the Fisher organization may be available to clients through their Investment Counselor.

Sex and the 401(k) investor

By Ken Fisher, USA Today, 08/12/2018

Understanding gender differences in investing can help men and women save more for retirement, writes Fisher Investments' Ken FIsher.

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The yield curve is flattening. Does that mean a recession is coming?

By Ken Fisher, USA Today, 07/22/2018

Pundits and headlines warn of impending doom from the “yield curve” flattening. OK then. But its specific impact on folks won’t work like those yahoos predict. First, what is the yield curve? Second, who cares? And most important, how and when might it affect you?

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Ken Fisher: Rate rise would give Swiss companies better capital access

By Hannah Wise and Ken Fisher, CNN Money Switzerland, 06/28/2018

Investors are still waiting for clear signals from European central banks for interest rates to rise. According to Ken Fisher, U.S. investment analyst and founder of Fisher Investments, we could see economic growth following a rate hike. This would not only help Swiss banks to increase profits but also give a boost to companies that need more access to capital.

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Investors: Why you shouldn't worry that rates will rise

By Ken Fisher, USA Today, 06/10/2018

Will rising long-term interest rates impale your future? A poll of financial professionals shows they think rates will keep rising, believing the Federal Reserve’s hikes will push long-term rates up. But that isn’t how it works.

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Why Senator Marco Rubio, other politicians need to study their economics

By Ken Fisher, USA Today, 05/13/2018

Republican Marco Rubio recently got national attention claiming the GOP bungled tax reform. The media missed one crucial point. The Florida senator appears to lack education in economics, economic history or real-world experience. So do so many cradle-to-grave politicos — in both parties.

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Is a trade war scare a big deal?

By Ken Fisher, USA Today, 03/24/2018

Ken Fisher, founder and executive chairman of Fisher Investments, give his insights into the Trump tariffs and the potential for sending the economy into a downturn.

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The Risk Of Rising Optimism

By Damian Ornani, Financial Advisor IQ, 01/02/2018

Now is a dangerous time for your clients. More than eight and a half years have passed since the last bear market.

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‘Fear of missing out’ will spur on investors next year

By Ken Fisher, Financial Times, 12/29/2017

Next year looks to be a great one for investors: a bull market igniting into its final third, led by European stocks. Even if sterling strength dampens Brits’ global returns again, this should be a year to own stocks.

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Retirement tips: 4 steps to a happier retirement

By Ken Fisher, USA Today, 12/18/2017

Is retirement near? Are you among the 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 daily? It’s exciting, yet daunting — freedom tainted with dreaded aging. Here are my four favorite lifestyle tips for happy retirement, culled from decades of working with retired folk.

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Why We Shouldn't Call This Market Run-Up a 'Trump Rally'

By Ken Fisher, The Wall Street Journal, 12/14/2017

Fisher Investments' Ken Fisher explains misconceptions behind the current stock market. He also explains which sectors investors should seek out to find rewards, and why bitcoin could be a signal that a bear market is edging closer.

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How To Allocate Your Portfolio Now

By Ken Fisher, Financial Times, 11/21/2017

Europe and emerging markets have led in 2017 to date — and that should continue.

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