Assessing Your Financial Plan

1) Does your financial plan provide an investment strategy to help you reach your financial goals and objectives?

The overall success of your financial plan is partly dependent on an appropriate investment recommendation, based on your long-term financial goals and objectives. At Fisher Investments, we take into account everything from your family health history to the specific stocks, bonds or other investments in your portfolio to help build an in-depth understanding of the objectives for your assets. Using tools like portfolio simulations and historical modeling, we can provide an investment recommendation we believe is most likely to help you reach your goals. This recommendation provides the foundation for your future financial success and may help you avoid running out of money in retirement.

2) Is your financial plan helping to ensure you leave the legacy you want?

Many investors find their investment time horizon may last beyond their lifetime, giving them the opportunity to use their assets to support someone or something important to them. While supplementary to an appropriate investment recommendation, planning for a legacy is a common desire for many of our clients. At Fisher Investments, we provide education and resources to help you invest and prepare for your retirement and legacy goals.

3) Does your financial plan provide perspective on financial planning topics such as Social Security, taxes and insurance?

Many investors want to feel they are making informed and prudent decisions about all aspects of their wealth, not just their investment strategy and legacy. Understanding the relationship between taxes, cash flow requirements, and Social Security benefits may influence how you meet your living expenses both before and after retirement. Additionally, recognizing the connection between your investments and insurance needs (e.g. health, long-term care, and annuities) may help you decide whether purchasing coverage is appropriate.