Last week in markets April 3 - 7, 2017 Weekly Wrap-Up

Last Week In Markets: Apr 10 - 14, 2017

Global equities ended the week lower. Headlines focused on geopolitical tensions regarding North Korea, the upcoming French presidential election and a US bombing of ISIS in Afghanistan.

US economic data were light. Q1 2017 earnings season began with several large US banks reporting stronger investment banking and trading activities, but slowing lending growth. The March Producer Price Index (PPI) increased 2.3% y/y, the highest level in five years. The March Import Price Index decelerated to a 4.2% y/y gain.

In Europe, March German and French Consumer Price Indexes (CPIs) rose 1.6% y/y and 1.1% y/y, respectively. French politics generated headlines ahead of the first round of the presidential election after far-left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon jumped in the polls, although he remains in fourth place. In the UK, March Core CPI rose less than expected, up 1.8% y/y, and February home prices increased 5.8% y/y.

In Asia, March Chinese CPI mildly accelerated to 0.9% y/y, while PPI decelerated, though still rising at 7.6% y/y. Following his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, President Trump announced the US will not label China a currency manipulator. North Korea grabbed headlines concerning nuclear weapons tests and the Trump administration responded by sending a naval group toward the Korean peninsula, threatening sanctions and calling on President Xi to help rein in North Korea. As always, geopolitical tensions can change quickly but regional conflicts are unlikely to derail the global economic expansion or bull market.

The Week Ahead:

The US releases March CPI, retail sales, industrial production and the Leading Economic Indicators. In Europe, March German PPI and UK retail sales data are due. China releases March lending, money supply and retail sales along with Q1 GDP. 

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