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How Does Your Financial Adviser Operate?

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Video Transcript



Low-key music plays.

Voice Over: How does your financial adviser operate?


Text appears across the screen: “How does your financial adviser operate?”

Voice Over: Is he or she responsible for juggling multiple tasks?

Animation: A man appears on screen with the text “Jack-of-all-Trades” appearing above his head. 

Three small pieces of paper also appear on screen with headers: “Research Stocks”; “Call Clients”; and “Execute Trades.”

Voice Over: Or, do you have a team of specialists working for you? Who is making the portfolio decisions and what are their credentials?

Animation: The man and his small pieces of paper slide off screen. 

A woman and two men, replaces him. Four financial data charts float over these individuals.

Voice Over: Does your financial adviser call your proactively? Or, only when they have something to sell?




Voice Over: Truth is, many financial advisers are doing a little bit of everything. And the one thing that they might be doing the most is selling, because many are incentivized to push products and attract new clients.



Animation:  A man with spectacles sits at a desk; a computer screen in front of him displays the word “prospects.” He makes a phone call.


A set of graphs and charts float onto the screen above the aforementioned man.


The graphs float away and the camera pulls into the computer screen.  A new graphic appears with a chain of emails: Become a client; Meet today; New Product for you; Become a client; Meet today?  The computer screen changes to read: SALES TARGET.

Voice Over: Fisher Investments is different.






Voice Over: At Fisher, we have a specialist doing each task.  And they are motivated by one thing—to deliver world-class money management to you.











Cut to:

Animation: New text appears on the screen: FISHER INVESTMENTS®

Fisher Investments is honestly different.


Animation: The text floats to the top of the screen and a pie chart appears beneath it.  The pie chart is segmented into: “Custodian”; “Client Account Coordinator”; “Trading Team”; “Investment Policy Committee”; “Portfolio Evaluation Group”; “Research Department”, and “Local Representative.” 

New text appears at the center of the pie chart: “Personal Investment Counselor.”


Voice Over: Your dedicated Investment Counselor is your primary point of contact.  Getting to know you and your financial goals, and working to ensure that your portfolio aligns with your objectives.




Animation: The camera pulls in to the center of the chart.  Underneath the text, “Personal Investment Counselor”, a new bullet point appears: “Understands your personal needs and objectives.” 

A man appears beside the aforementioned text.


Voice Over: Now, your Investment Counselor can’t do everything. That’s why they work as a liaison between you and your larger investment team.




Animation: The camera pulls back to reveal the whole pie chart again.


The camera zooms into the bottom segment of the pie chart that reads: “Investment Policy Committee.”


Voice Over: That includes the Investment Policy Committee, led by Ken Fisher and four other investment professionals with over 130 combined years of industry experience.



Voice Over: They set the firm’s investment policy and make strategic decisions about your portfolio.





Animation: These words move off screen and are replaced by a man, representing Ken Fisher.  Four other men join him. 

A window appears beside them. It contains the words “Investment Policy Committee.  Underneath, a new bullet point appears: “Set the firm’s investment policy.”

Another bullet point appears: Make strategic decisions about your portfolio.



Voice Over: Then there is the Portfolio Evaluation Group, which works with your Investment Counselor to provide your written portfolio recommendation.






Voice Over: Our Research Department analyzes the market, using proprietary methods. And, delivers their findings to the Investment Policy Committee.







Voice Over: Our in-house Trading Team then executes trades in your account based on direction from the Investment Policy Committee.






Voice Over: Fisher Investments doesn’t earn commissions on trades. We simply charge a flat fee based on the value of your portfolio. Meaning, we do better when you do better.





Voice Over: All of your assets are held with a reputable third-party custodian, who specializes in the safekeeping of securities, while Fisher Investments manages your account.









Voice Over: This approach meets with the highest ethical standards and keeps your best interests in mind.


Voice Over: And our Client Operations department works with your custodian to efficiently process any transfers, withdrawals, additions, or other transactions.



Voice Over: Together, these specialists are constantly working to help you achieve your investment goals. Unlike other advisors, with a jack-of-all-trades approach, Fisher Investments specialized model puts the focus where it should be… on you.













Voice Over: So get in touch with Fisher Investments and put our world-class team to work for you.






Voice Over: Call us today at 888-823-9566. to learn how Fisher Investments can help put you on a path to reaching your retirement goals.









Animation: The camera moves screen left to a different pie chart segment. This segment contains a woman (wearing spectacles) and two men.  A text window appears to the left of them: ”Portfolio Evaluation Group.”  A bullet point appears: “Provides your written portfolio recommendation.”

Animation: The camera moves screen right towards another pie chart segment: ”Research Department.”  A text window appears to the left of them, with the headline “Research Department.”  Underneath are two bullet points: “Analyzes global markets” and “Deliver findings to Investment Policy Committee.”


Animation: The camera crosses screen right to a different pie chart segment. A text window appears, with the headline: “Trading Team.” Underneath the aforementioned title is a bullet point: Implements the plan.


Animation: The “Trading Team” text window changes to the words “Fee Structure.” A bullet point appears: “No commission-based products.” 

Another bullet point appears: “We do better when you do better.”


Animation: The camera moves up the pie chart to a bubble containing a building.  A text window appears, with the headline: “Third Party Custodian.”  Underneath is a bullet point: Financial institution responsible for the safekeeping of your assets. 

Another bullet point appears: “Provides monthly statements and trade confirmations.” 


A third bullet point appears: “Has long-standing relationship with Fisher Investments.”

Animation: The text within the window changes to “Client Account Coordinator.”  A new bullet point appears: “Handles all custodial transactions and documentation.” 


Animation: The camera pulls back to reveal the entire pie chart.  In the center of the pie chart are the words: “Personal Investment Counselor.” 

The FISHER INVESTMENTS® logo appears at the top of the screen.

The pie chart moves to screen right. A bubble, containing a man and a woman, appears besides the pie chart. 

A smaller bubble also appears.  It contains a man on a cellphone. A green line slashes through the bubble.

The bubble (containing the man on the phone) moves off screen. 

Animation: The bubble (with the man and woman) moves towards the center of the screen; the word “You” appears.  The pie chart sits to the right. Both the bubble and the pie chart move downwards until they are completely off screen.


Animation: The FISHER INVESTMENTS® logo appears.


New text appears underneath the FISHER INVESTMENTS® logo:

Call us today at 888-823-9566 to learn how Fisher Investments can help put you on a path to reaching your retirement goals.


The music fades out.

The screen fades to black.



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