Fisher Investments - Plan Your Prosperity

Planning your prosperity, for all practical purposes and for most investors, should be done with an eye toward retirement—and beyond.

Written by Fisher Investments founder and bestselling author Ken Fisher, Plan Your Prosperity arms you with information, expert guidance and tools to help you invest smarter your whole life and, yes, plan better for retirement. 

Harmful mythology abounds about retirement and investing education. Like the adage, you should take 100 (or 120) and subtract your age to get your equity allocation and put the rest in bonds or cash. Or you should buy only bonds. Or buy only high-dividend stocks. Or some combination! Or buy equity-indexed annuities or some “guaranteed” income product. All are examples of potentially harmful myths many folks believe to be smart, strategic moves—myths Fisher makes short work of in Plan Your Prosperity.

In their place, Fisher provides straightforward principles to help you increase the odds of achieving your long-term investing goals, like:

  • How to think correctly about your investing time horizon
  • The difference between income and cash flow
  • How to better figure how much cash flow you need and if your portfolio can provide it
  • How to figure out how much to save each year
  • What pitfalls to avoid
  • And more …

Not another one-size-fits-all retirement planner, Ken Fisher's Plan Your Prosperity supplies you with a firm foundation in sound investment and retirement-planning principles. And it gives you a framework for better understanding your financial needs, setting your financial goals and creating a workable plan for your lifelong prosperity.

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