Jason Long

Jason Long is a Regional Vice President with Fisher Investments’ Private Client Group. He serves individuals in the Midwest in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Southern Minnesota and Northern Missouri. With 16 years in the finance industry, Jason has helped many retire and would be honored to review your current financial situation to see if Fisher Investments is the right fit for you. If you’ve dedicated your life to working hard and building your savings, Jason can help you make a smooth transition into retirement. Whether you want to go on vacation, save for your grandchildren’s college funds or simply retire comfortably, Jason can help walk you through how to reach your goals, as he has helped many other investors. Because Jason works for Fisher Investments—a fiduciary duty obligated to putting client’s needs ahead of its own—he can focus on building meaningful connections with clients while finding solutions specific to their needs. This client-first approach gives Jason the freedom to bring empathy to serious conversations about life after retirement—a necessary trait for providing unparalleled service in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Fisher Investments in November 2018, Jason spent his career in financial services, working for two of the largest brokers in the United States. Having been on the other side of the industry, Jason can clearly articulate the important distinctions between Fisher Investments and a traditional broker—and how Fisher is designed to put clients first. Jason appreciates the opportunities Fisher gives him to work in his clients’ best interests, not selling financial products. If you’re interested in Fisher Investments’ services, Jason will be happy to review your current financial situation and introduce you to the array of resources available to you from a world-class money manager. The more people he can help, the better the investment universe will be.

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