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45 Things That Mattered This Week - 11/18/2011

This week’s list of interesting articles is the most disparate yet. Enjoy this cornucopia of fun reads for Thanksgiving week.

  1. Key Obama Aide Relinquishes Some Duties.
  2. The Tweaker.
  3. Indians Urge Political Heir to Take Top Role.
  4. Now For a Real Iran Debate.
  5. Literature and the Search for Liberty. “What is lost on collectivists is the prime importance of individual freedom for societies to flourish and economies to thrive.”
  6. The King of Human Error.
  7. A Look Inside the Super Committee.
  8. Action Heroes’ Digital Challenge.
  9. Reading Between the Lines on Italy’s Woes.
  10. US to Build Up Military in Australia. Obama Seeks New Pacific Influence.
  11. Russia Closes on WTO With Georgia Pact.
  12. Beijing Appears Set to Ease Lending Limits. But let’s not forget its geopolitical aims:China-Oil Deal Gives Chavez a Leg Up.
  13. My Teacher Is an App.
  14. Is That Scientific Heretic a Genius—or a Loon?
  15. Biologism has two cardinal manifestations. One is the claim that the mind is the brain, or the activity of the brain, so that one of the most powerful ways to advance our understanding of ourselves is to look at our brains in action, using the latest scanning devices. The other is the claim that Darwinism explains not only how the organism Homo sapiens came into being (as, of course, it does) but also what motivates people and shapes their day-to-day behavior.”
  16. Moscow vs. the Mujahideen.
  17. Bank of England Signals More QE.
  18. ‘Nuff said.
  19. The Economics of the McRib. And The World’s First Lab-Grown Hamburger Could Be Created by August of 2012.
  20. “Here is an implication that the Reagan Revolution did not solve stagflation. It is notwithstanding these facts: as Reagan’s reforms got put into practice in the 1980s, unemployment fell from 11% to 5%, inflation went down from 14% to 2%, growth boomed at 4.3% per year, and stocks tripled.”
  21. Keystone XL Pipeline Decision Delayed Until After 2012 Election.
  22. 539 - Vive Tweet! A Map of Twitter's Languages.
  23. Great Moments in Pedantry: The Odds of Your Existence.
  24. Testing the Copenhagen Interpretation: A Matter of Live and Dead Cats.
  25. Engineering the 10,000-Year Clock.
  26. American Idol: On Nietzsche in America.
  27. CROWDS R US.
  28. Sports Book Hall of Fame: Ghosts of Manila.
  29. US Farmers Reclaim Land From Developers.
  30. Culture Built on Family Firms Tests Italy’s Plan for Growth.
  31. : Framework Is Set for New Trade Bloc.
  32. Canada Shops Oil After Pipeline Halt.
  33. Behavioral Economics Foils an Obama Tax Cut?
  34. The US Marine Corps Fights for Its Budget.
  35. A States’ Rights Battle Over Light Bulbs.
  36. In May, Standard & Poor’s awarded the Navajo Nation an A rating—one level above California’s—citing its natural resource revenue and cash reserves of more than $1 billion.”
  37. The End of Borders and the Future of Books.
  38. In surveys, executives regularly call California one of the country’s most toxic business environments and one of the least likely places to open or expand a new company.”
  39. Why Corporate Logos Matter to Companies.
  40. While inaccurate and even fabricated findings make the field of psychology look silly, they take on potentially far more serious ramifications in forensic contexts, where the stakes can include six-figure payouts or extreme deprivations of liberty.”
  41. The Thrill of Applying Literary Theory to Everyday Texts.

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