About MarketMinder, by Fisher Investments

In investing, information is power.

Years ago, information was costly and hard to get. Today, investors have the opposite problem—information is ceaseless. But how can investors weed through it all to find credible information?

Many investors want a one-stop site to access clear, credible thinking on the markets and investing. Fisher Investments MarketMinder was created to address this need, providing succinct, entertaining and savvy thinking on global capital markets. Our goal is to provide discerning investors the most essential information and commentary to stay in tune with what's happening in the markets, while providing unique perspectives on essential financial issues. And just as important, Fisher Investments MarketMinder aims to help investors discern between useful information and potentially misleading hype.

Fisher Investments MarketMinder features include:

  • Commentary  – Fisher Investments’ daily commentary on market events and key economic issues along with columns from Fisher Investments editorial staff
  • Headlines  – A round-up of third-party news stories we believe most investors are reading along with those we think are most important
  • Global Market Update  – A review of the day’s global market action

MarketMinder is supported by Fisher Investments' large Research Department. Fisher Investments is a multi-billion dollar independent, fee-only investment adviser and founded over three decades ago. MarketMinder reflects Fisher Investments' core philosophy – that capital markets are effective discounters of widely-known information. To be a successful investor, Fisher Investments' strategy involves identifying information not widely known and interpreting widely-known information correctly and differently from other market participants. Therefore, by providing a one-stop source for critical and unique financial information, individuals can stay current, think ahead, and become better investors.