Articles by Austin Fraser

Austin is a Research Analyst at Fisher Investments and is the author of Fisher Investments on Emerging Markets from Fisher Investments Press. He has been with the firm since 2002.

Hyped Up on Hooch

Nearly three quarters of a century after the end of Prohibition, bootleggers are making a comeback. This time, though, they're turning that corn hooch into fuel, not moonshine.

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Average Trickery

According to 2005 Census data, the average US family has 3.18 persons. Naturally, we know it's impossible for any family to have a fractional population (unless Dr. Moreau's practicing without our knowledge).

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Fool's Gold

If you've been around long enough, oil as a cause for hysteria isn't a new thing.

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The Profligate Consumer

The news media has everyone just about convinced the "conspicuous consumption" and "pecuniary emulation" of US consumers is out of hand.

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The Current Account—One Less Thing to Worry About

The current account balance is a commonly misunderstood economic statistic.

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