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Elisabeth is a manager in Fisher Investments’ Portfolio Management Communications Group and Senior Editor of MarketMinder. She is co-author of two books with Ken Fisher, including 2015’s Beat the Crowd, and has been with the firm since 2004. When she isn’t busy writing, you can probably find her running or hiking near her Bay Area home.

Random Musings on Markets Episode VII: The Footnotes Awaken

A chain-chain-chain of musings on political bias, an avocado caper, central banking shenanigans and more!

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Random Musings on Markets VI: The Undiscovered Musings

This week’s potpourri includes a new riff on tariffs, the famous FAANGs, a certain potential buyout, Brexit doomsday prepping and more!

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Random Musings on Markets V: The Final Frontier in Musings

This week, we muse on creative capitalists, toothless FANG ETFs, astrological investing, Fed words, Cupertino’s traffic tax and Apple’s trillion-dollar day.

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Random Musings on Markets—Episode IV: A New Musing

This week’s roundup of randomness features fund flows, possible US legislation creating a “new” retirement savings vehicle, UK energy price caps and more.

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Random Musings on Markets 33⅓ - The (Probably Not) Final Musing

In this edition, the EU slaps big Tech (again), two Fed words ruffle feathers, shouting over trade continues and the “Three California” initiative dies.


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Random Musings on Markets, Part Deux

In which we share our view on several big news stories this week.

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Social Security Is Still Pretty Secure

As the Social Security Administration prepares to dip into the trust fund to cover benefits for the first time since 1982, this seems like a good time for a short trip in the wayback machine.

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May the 14th of May Spell Mayday for Muni and Corporate Bond Mark-Ups

What you need to know about the SEC’s new rules on corporate and muni bond mark-up disclosure.

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From Adam Smith to Earthquakes, Big Data and Star Trek

The future is full of unknowns and problems to be solved—and full of investing opportunities as a result.

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