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Elisabeth is a manager in Fisher Investments’ Portfolio Management Communications Group and Senior Editor of MarketMinder. She is co-author of two books with Ken Fisher, including 2015’s Beat the Crowd, and has been with the firm since 2004. When she isn’t busy writing, you can probably find her running or hiking near her Bay Area home.

Beware False Prophets Peddling False Profits

Affinity fraud strikes again. How can you avoid it?

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What Everyone Is Missing About Inflation This Week

Please see Milton Friedman with any questions.

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What Arcade Tokens Can Teach Us About ICOs

If you wouldn’t invest in gift cards or arcade tokens, why would you spring for an initial coin offering?

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You Might Be Near a Crypto-Top If …

Signs of the bitpocalypse?

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A Whole Latte Nonsense About the Dollar

Coffee is one of the most useful substances on earth, but it is not a gauge of currency values.

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Even in Virtual Currencies, 'Too Good to Be True' Is Reality

Investors who bought into a hifalutin bitcoin trading strategy promising super-high returns with no risk just found out the strategy was virtual.

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Fun With Uncle Milty

As the Fed tackles the case of the missing inflation, the late, great Milton Friedman has the answer.

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We Need to Talk About Harvey

Like all major hurricanes, Harvey won't bring recession or economic stimulus.

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