Articles by Luke Puetz

Luke is a Research Analyst at Fisher Investments and has been with the firm since 2005.

US-China Tariff Update

What to make of the latest tariff threats between the US and China.

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US Housing Update

Recent US housing data show how high prices alone don’t mean true asset bubbles.

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Your Obligatory Tariff Update

Even with the latest developments, the trade spat with China likely remains too small to wallop the bull market.

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Some Things People Miss About These China Tariffs

All else equal, nothing here appears problematic for global markets in isolation.

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Scaling Tariffs and Reviewing History

When put in proper context, the pending steel and aluminum tariffs likely have much less bite than most fear.

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Oil’s Next Act

Oil production has never been an easy exercise. But the increasing importance of deep water and shale production has introduced new challenges—and opportunities.

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