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Random Musings on Milestones

It has been a lot of days since various things happened, including the birth of this bull market.

It has been 2 days since Greece exited its bailout, 2,080 days since it last defaulted and 3,034 days since it was first bailed out.

It has been 1,096 days since a giant panda gave birth to twins at the National Zoo.

It has been 1,551 days since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the knot.

It has been 579 days since President Trump took office—and 579 days since President Obama left office.

It has been 3,501 days since President Obama first took office—and 3,501 since President GW Bush left office.

It has been 979 days since the Fed’s first rate hike in this market cycle.

It has been 1,918 days since Ben Bernanke accidentally started “taper terror” over quantitative easing’s (QE’s) potential end, 1,708 days since the Fed officially announced the QE taper, 1,393 days since they announced the final taper, and 336 days since the Fed started unwinding its balance sheet.

It has been 790 days since Brits voted to Brexit.

It has been 7,727 days since JK Rowling first published Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.[i]

It has been 10,525 days since the Oakland A’s last won the World Series.

It has been 29,709 days since the release of the first A Star Is Born, starring Janet Gaynor, 23,321 days since Judy Garland sang about the man who got away in the remake, and 15,228 days since Barbra Streisand’s attempt—and it is T-minus 44 days until Lady Gaga’s version bows.

It has been 14,254 days since August 13, 1979—the date BusinessWeek published “The Death of Equities” on its cover.

It has been 8,676 days since Greg McLemore registered the domain, 6,767 days since went public, and 6,497 days since it failed.

It has been 15,657 days since Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton got married for the second time. And 15,364 days since they divorced for the second time.

It has been 32,452 days since Irving Fisher saw stocks sitting at a “permanently high plateau.”

Oh, and it has been 3,453 days since Time ran its US Economy Special Report: “Holding On for Dear Life.” Coincidentally, that is also when the last bear market ended, making this officially history’s longest S&P 500 bull market. Which is doubly official, since the S&P 500 price index hit a new intraday high yesterday, eclipsing January 26’s peak.

Finally, it’s been one week since we jokingly decided the way to highlight the arbitrary and backward-looking nature of this event was to list out the number of days since a slew of utterly unrelated things happened. That barely edged out our other idea, rewriting the lyrics of “Seasons of Love” from Rent. We leave you with a terrible teaser:

Four million nine hundred seventy two thousand three hundred twenty minutes

Four million nine hundred seventy two thousand three hundred twenty moments for stocks

Four million nine hundred seventy two thousand three hundred twenty minutes

How do you measure,

Measure a bull?

In earnings?

In growth rates?

In rallies?

In short corrections?

[i] This is the original, British title of the first Harry Potter book, called The Sorcerer’s Stone in America.

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