Fisher Investments® Background

Since its founding over 40 years ago, Fisher Investments has grown to manage $169 billion for 85,000 private high net worth individuals and 150 institutions globally, across the US, Europe, Canada, Asia and the Middle East.*

Fisher Investments has been named one of Financial Times’ Top 300 US-based Registered Investment Advisers. The company also ranks as a Top 10 Fee Only Registered Investment Advisers according to InvestmentNews.

What Types of Clients Benefit From Fisher Investments’ Services?

Cookie-cutter portfolios produced for the masses often underserve the needs of high net worth investors. Fisher Investments specializes in serving individuals with $500,000 or more, recognizing their need for a money manager who can tailor portfolios with a higher level of investment expertise.

Fisher Investments’ Services

In addition to money management, Fisher Investments offers comprehensive retirement services to high net worth investors—all for one simple fee that aligns Fisher’s interests with its clients’ interests:

  • Proactive portfolio management
  • Annuity review and conversion
  • Holistic financial planning covering: investing, taxes, Social Security, Medicare and more.


Fisher Investments’ headquarters is located in Camas, WA, just north of the Columbia River and Portland, Oregon. The firm also has locations in:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Plano, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • San Mateo, CA
  • Woodside, CA
  • Conshohocken, PA
  • Tempe, AZ

A Fisher Investments Regional Vice President is ready to meet high net worth individuals like you to discuss your retirement needs in all 50 states. Get matched with an adviser now.

Investment Philosophy

Fisher Investments’ flexible, against-the-grain approach has helped clients benefit from global investing opportunities since 1979. The firm’s Investment Policy Committee uses its 140+ years of combined investment experience to manage portfolios for over 85,000 clients.

The firm seeks to find and interpret information differently and independently to find investing opportunities other money managers may overlook. While some money managers tend to be stock pickers—concentrating on individual stocks and securities—Fisher Investments’ top-down approach enables the firm to consider the whole investing universe when building client portfolios. Fisher seeks investment categories with the highest probability of doing well, then narrows down by country, sector and finally security to find opportunities with potential for success.

What to Expect as a Client

Fisher Investments clients benefit from experienced money management and world-class service. Each client is assigned an Investment Counselor, dedicated to understanding their long-term financial needs. Investment Counselors regularly reach out to clients to provide updates on their portfolios and to share where the firm thinks markets could be headed. Additionally, the Investment Policy Committee—the group responsible for building client portfolios—provides written reviews and biannual videos about the firm’s outlook on stocks. MarketMinder is another resource available to those who want regular insight on what’s happening with the markets. Fisher Investments also hosts events around the country for clients who’d like to understand the investing universe on a deeper level.

Fee Structure

Fisher Investments charges a simple management fee aligning the client’s interest with its own.

*Data collected as of 03/31/21

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