If you want to make better investing decisions, you need clear, credible insights to understand what’s really going on in markets. The Market Insights podcast from Fisher Investments provides you with our latest thinking on global capital markets and current events.

November 2020 – How to Become a Well-Read Investor with Michael Hanson

Gaining an information advantage as an investor is harder than ever. Mike Hanson, Senior Vice President of Research at Fisher Investments and host of The Well-Read Investor podcast wants to help. In this episode, Mike and host Naj Srinivas discuss how to become a more well-read investor and what that skill can bring to your investing strategy.

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October 2020 – ESG Investing

Over the last decade, many investors have incorporated non-financial factors to bring together personal values with portfolio strategy. These environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are meant to help investors spot emerging risks and identify opportunities for growth. In this episode of Market Insights, host Naj Srinivas discusses ESG investing with Aaron Anderson, Fisher Investments’ Senior Vice President of Research and a member of the Investment Policy Committee.

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September 2020 – Capital Markets Update Excerpt

We investigate current events and market drivers with members of Fisher Investments’ Investment Policy Committee. This special extra episode examines COVID-related fiscal measures, inflation prospects, and gold as a potential investment, along with a look at underappreciated positive market signals and Ken Fisher’s views on the upcoming US election. Host Naj Srinivas (Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications) is joined by Aaron Anderson, Senior Vice President of Research; Michael Hanson, Senior Vice President of Research; Bill Glaser, Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management; Jeff Silk, Vice Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer; and Ken Fisher, founder of Fisher Investments and Co-Chief Investment Officer. The episode features excerpts from one of Fisher Investments’ client-exclusive Capital Markets Updates sessions.

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August 2020 – Practical Tips for Managing Your Family’s Finances

In this episode, we take a unique look at overcoming some of the financial obstacles that families encounter. Host Naj Srinivas talks with Jill Hitchcock, the head of Fisher Investments’ US Private Client Group. Working with clients for over 20 years, Jill has seen almost every challenge finances can throw at a family, and she shares insights from her personal experience in a new monthly column. In their conversation, Naj and Jill discuss overcoming financial fears, restoring some order to your family finances and setting an easy long-term strategy that can help you move closer to your financial goals.

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July 2020 – Listener Mailbag Part 2

We answer listener questions about the market effects of a potential second wave of COVID-19. We also examine the investor phenomenon of “breakevenitis” and whether gold brings a shine to your investment portfolio during times of volatility. This episode features Client Communications Group Vice President Naj Srinivas, along with Managing Editor Todd Bliman; Client Services Program Manager Wendy Nicholsen; and US Private Client Services Executive Vice President K.C. Ellis.

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June 2020 - Listener Mailbag

In this episode, we answer listener questions on the potential impact of swelling government debt and the possible inflation implications from government COVID aid. This episode features Client Communications Group Vice President Naj Srinivas, along with Client Services Program Manager, Wendy Nicholsen, and US Private Client Services Executive Vice President K.C. Ellis.

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May 2020 - Energy Sector and Oil Update

We review recent energy sector developments like declining demand, negative oil futures and off-again on-again OPEC+ deals. Featuring Client Communications Group Vice President Naj Srinivas and Senior Research Analyst Brad Rotolo at Fisher Investments.

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April 2020 - CARES Act Impacts for Individuals and Small Business Owners

Learn about the tax, investment, and financial implications for individuals and small business owners from the government’s recently passed Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Featuring Client Communications Group Vice President Naj Srinivas and Hailey Bill, Vice President of Financial Planning at Fisher Investments.

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Coronavirus and Market Update Webinar

This podcast features an audio excerpt from a Market Update Webinar provided exclusively for Fisher Investments clients. In this podcast, Fisher Investments’ Senior Vice President of Research and Investment Policy Committee Member, Michael Hanson discusses recent market volatility and our current outlook.

Since hitting all-time highs in mid-February, markets entered one of the swiftest downturns in history, largely based on fears over the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all the fear, we believe what’s most important for investors is to stay disciplined and avoid short-sighted investing mistakes.

While many believe recession is a foregone conclusion, we aren’t so sure. Institutional closures in response to the pandemic increase the likelihood of recession, but the duration of these closures matters a lot too. Michael discusses three potential scenarios regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and what each might mean for markets.

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September 2019 Brexit Update

In this episode, Client Communications Group Vice President Naj Srinivas speaks with Research Analyst Seth Groener about Brexit—recent events, the current timeline and potential outcomes. Recorded September 20.

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